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Evaluation is an essential social impact tool. We all want to make a positive difference through our work but can struggle to understand and demonstrate that difference clearly

How do you practically work out the contribution you are making? How can you be assured you are not doing harm or unintentionally holding the status quo in place? How can you learn and adapt along the way?

Three online workshops were designed to answer these questions for those newer to evaluation and people who are less experienced or confident about evaluation. Facilitated by CSI associate Rachael Trotman , the workshops provide an introduction to some key ideas, frameworks, tools and guidance organisations can use to understand the impact of their mahi.

Session 1: Key ideas and useful frameworks introduced recent thinking on evaluation from Aotearoa and around the world on how to approach and think about evaluation. Here is a recording of the workshop, the presentation and the resource kete.

Session 2: Getting to ‘value’ – how can we know what good looks like? This session explored how to develop evaluation criteria that allow you to assess what ‘good’ looks like in relation to your kaupapa. This is the critical piece that is often left out – on what basis do we determine merit, worth or value? This workshop was co-facilitated by Kate McKegg. Here is a recording of the workshop, the presentation, and the resource kete.

Session 3: Tools to gather data and capture learning brings together some of the most useful tools we have come across to gather robust data and information and capture learning. Here is a recording of the workshop, the presentation and the resource kete.