Philanthropic, government and corporate funders are increasingly focused on seeing greater community impact from their grants and investments.  We work with boards, CEOs and their teams to navigate from their existing approaches to grant-making and funding to an approach that supports their aspirations to see change for good.

This includes;

  • Working with them to identify what they want to achieve
  • Providing tailored data analysis, and insights into international evidence and practice, to identify opportunities and inform their strategic thinking
  • Assisting with community engagement
  • Supporting the development and implementation of grant-making strategies and frameworks

Continuing support can be provided by the Centre for Social Impact as our clients identify community partners for investment. This may include

  • Investment readiness assessments
  • Identifying the outcomes the funder shares with its community partners
  • Establishing processes and tools for monitoring and evaluation

The Centre is then available to work in intermediary relationship with funder and community partner throughout the journey to achieve social impact.

Examples of the work carried out by the Centre for funders and grant-makers include:

Bay of Plenty Housing collaboration

Substantive research was commissioned from the Centre for Social Impact on how a group of community funders in the Bay of Plenty could best make a meaningful difference to sustainable housing. The Centre produced a strategic advisory paper to guide joint action which is now forming the basis for multi-funder collaboration to support effective action for the Bay of Plenty communities.

Vodafone New Zealand Foundation

 Vodafone New Zealand Foundation engaged the Centre for Social Impact to implement a review of the Foundation’s strategic approach to philanthropy, and to assess evidence of effective interventions to improve life-course outcomes for vulnerable young people.

TSB Community Trust

The Centre for Social Impact worked with TSB Community Trust to design and develop a framework for targeted investment in its priority of increased child and youth wellbeing in its region.  The Centre is now supporting the Trust to develop tools and processes to support effective grantmaking in line with its funding framework.

Perpetual Guardian

Perpetual Guardian are Trustees of the Strathlachlan Fund which has a core focus of providing support to vulnerable women. Perpetual Guardian commissioned the Centre for Social Impact to identify opportunities for the fund to maximise its intended impact. A theory of change and evolved funding framework were developed, and the Centre worked with Perpetual Guardian to provide pre-investment and business case development.

Foundation North

The Centre for Social Impact last year worked with Foundation North on the next iteration of its funding programme to support its pioneering venture philanthropy. The Foundation wanted to provide a wider range of funding options to support innovation on major regional issues. In collaboration with the Centre, a ‘seed, scale, system’ model for grant-making was developed.  The Foundation is now using this approach to provide grants from its $5 million Hauraki Gulf Innovation Fund Together (G.I.F.T.). This fund is designed to support innovation address the environmental pressures on the Gulf to restore its mauri.  ‘Seed, scale, system’ provides a structure to support innovation across the spectrum from start-ups to established organisations, and from early prototyping to system-wide implementation of proven approaches.