Relationships are at the heart of how the Centre for Social Impact supports organisations to achieve their vision. Our relationships are built to endure, to sustain a shared commitment to effecting positive change in our communities. 

The foundation for collaboration is a mutual understanding of what each organisation is trying to achieve. The better we understand an organisation and its strengths the better we can support it. The Centre provides a hub of expertise, advice, and support services that organisations can access to help them at each stage of their social impact journey, from the development of grant-maker and funder vision and strategy, to evaluation of the social impact of initiatives.  Where a need to develop capacity is identified, our model allows us to draw on technical experts from a whole range of disciplines to meet specific needs for our partner organisations.
"CSI has a range of skills and experts that it can draw on, who know the sector, know all the people we are talking to and more. The ability to draw on the variety of skill sets and the knowledge that they have of us and of the sector meant that we could progress much faster”