We work collaboratively with philanthropic, government and corporate funders of social change initiatives, and their community partners, to enable them to achieve social impact.

The Centre provides a unique hub of expertise and advice and support services that the organisations can access to help them at each stage of the social impact journey. Our online brochure gives an overview of how we are enabling social impact in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Relationships are at the heart of how the Centre for Social Impact supports organisations to achieve their vision. Our relationships are built to endure, to sustain a shared commitment to effecting positive change in our communities. 

Philanthropic, government and corporate funders are increasingly focused on seeing greater community impact from their grants and investments. We work with boards, CEOs and their teams to navigate from their existing approaches to grant-making and funding to an approach that supports their aspirations to see change for good.

The community partners the Centre works with range from start-ups to well-established nationally-known organisations. They share a commitment to make a difference for their communities. Our work with community organisations focuses on increasing their capacity to be flexible, responsive and sustainable.

The four pou (pillars) of our services are: design for social impact; capacity development; leadership; and understanding impact. We draw on these pou to respond to the specific needs of the organisations with which we work

We support our clients and community partners on their social impact journeys.  This journey, for grantmakers and funders, and their community partners, is a continuing process of monitoring, evaluation and reflection as learning occurs.  This informs adaptation and innovation to deliver social impact.

We’re seeing more grantmakers moving from a focus on low-risk short-term one-off grants to a portfolio approach. This sees some investment in multi-year and targeted grants to support innovation to address major social issues.