The Centre for Social Impact helps grant-makers and funders invest for impact, and enables their community partners to turn that investment into inspiring and sustainable social change.

We draw on a range of expertise from our team, and our network of specialist associates and partner organisations, to respond to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their goals. 

Insights and learnings are captured by the Centre and its clients so that successful social change initiatives can be replicated and integrated into mainstream policy and practice.

We welcome opportunities to talk to philanthropic trusts, and community, government and private sector organisations, about what we do and how we can work with you.


Our moemoeā (vision), kaupapa (mission) and take whāinga (purpose) align to ensure we turn social investment into inspiring and sustainable social change; that we accelerate investment and innovation for that change; and that we inform and inspire the growth of venture philanthropy.

Our theory of change starts with acknowledging that social issues are complex, and new innovative solutions are required.

Venture philanthropy draws on the success of the venture capital industry in which investors partner with enterprises to provide both funding and expertise to support their success.

Interest in innovative approaches to grant-making and funding for social impact is growing. An emerging challenge is to help funders develop funding options to support innovation across the spectrum of organisational capability, from start-ups to established organisations.

The Centre was established as a social business by Foundation North.  Foundation North is the largest philanthropic foundation in Australasia, with an endowment in excess of a billion dollars. The Foundation was founded in 1988 and endowed with funds from the sale of the Auckland and Northland community’s shares in the Auckland Savings Bank to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The Centre for Social Impact works with major funders and grant-makers, and a range of community partners, to support social change initiatives.

These brief case studies provide an insight into the variety of work we are doing for clients, from helping a funder identify their grant-making vision to helping a community organisation develop it’s monitoring and evaluation capacity.