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Matariki is a time to rest, reflect on the year past, and reset for the year ahead. Over three sessions, Tuihana will guide us through this process using the Te Whare Tapa Whā wellbeing model developed by Sir Mason Durie. The model uses the image of the four walls of the wharenui to describe the elements of health and wellbeing: taha wairua/spiritual wellbeing; taha hinengaro/mental and emotional wellbeing; taha tinana/physical wellbeing, and; taha whānau/family and social wellbeing. This whare rests on the foundation of our connection to the whenua.

Session 1: Ko au/self

In this session, each participant will create a mind map of themselves as they are. Taking time to reflect on the foundations of your life; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, family and social, and your connection to whenua and place. Please watch the recording below.

Sign ups are still open for session 2: Pūmanawa and tikanga on 18th June, 9-10am and session 3: Raranga on 25th June, 9-10am. Register here.