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Our first Te Pūaha Talk for 2023, Ngahere - nurturing our connectivity, introduced a new wellness practice designed by CSI associates Tuihana Ohia and Louise Marra. The Ngahere workshop provided resources designed to encourage you as an individual to take six one minute pauses throughout each day to ground yourself and draw nourishment from Papatūānuku.

    The webinar and Ngahere resources are available below.

    Note: Short follow-up Ngahere sessions are being offered over the coming months to refresh what was learnt in the introductory webinar and introduce new Hā Moments.

    The resources from the first refresher session, Rākau, are below. Dates for the June and July refresher sessions will to be announced soon.

    Ngahere - Resource Document

    Hā Moment - Aroha with Louise
    Hā Moment - Pūmanawa with Tuihana

    Session 2: Tuarua – Rākau

    The title, Ngahere, is a kupu often associated with the forest in Aotearoa. It is also used to describe the hononga, connection, from us to Papatūānuku, Ranginui and the various atua. In the second Ngahere session we explored how we connect to trees. Tuihana Ohia and Louise Marra introduced two new Hā Moment meditations to enrich your one minute pauses, along with a Rākau resource document. Participants shared how this wellbeing practice is working for them in their work and personal lives.

    Ngahere - Tuarua - Rākau Resource Document

    Hā moment - You as nature with Louise
    Hā moment - Connection to te taiao with Tuihana