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Why ORA is a not-for-profit community organisation established in 2010 and based in Taranaki. They work across the community to empower Māori career and employment aspirations, grow the Māori workforce and improve whānau income, so that whānau can flourish. This involves working with taiohi and whānau to identify their aspirations and turn them into meaningful career paths.

Why ORA have a long-term funding relationship with Toi Foundation. They are also part of a ‘flotilla’ or cohort of ngā kaikōkiri funded by the Peter McKenzie Project (PMP). PMP invests in their transformative plan to shift the way that the health and education systems work for Māori by facilitating and creating new pathways for rangatahi and whānau Māori into careers and changemaking roles in those systems.

In the video below, Pou Whakahaere, Tanya Anaha, emphasises the need for long-term relationships for organisations working to drive intergenerational change.

NB: This is a case study from The Philanthropic Landscape Volume II: Shifting Culture and Power through Mana-Enhancing Partnerships. Read the full report here.