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In 2022, Foundation North commissioned CSI to strengthen its practices in understanding the impact of its funding and non-funding activities.

In the course of their research, CSI associates interviewed local and international funders and evaluators, reviewed relevant literature and explored Te Tiriti o Waitangi implications for understanding impact.

Guided and inspired by this new body of good practice, leading thinking and Te Tiriti considerations, Foundation North ran workshops with their Trustees and staff, culminating in an updated framework for their monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) mahi.

Wanting to share the findings from this helpful enquiry into impact with other fellow philanthropic funders, the Foundation asked CSI to draw on our research to publish three short reports for the sector.

Understanding impact in philanthropy: Te Tiriti o Waitangi considerations

This report highlights Te Tiriti o Waitangi considerations for understanding impact in mainstream (non-Iwi based) philanthropy.

Understanding impact in philanthropy: Foundations

A ‘101’ introduction to understanding impact; issues, approaches and their pros and cons, and basic good practice.

Understanding impact in philanthropy: Leading practice

A think piece sharing latest trends and practice in understanding impact.