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Below is a small selection of the excellent resources we’ve seen being produced in response to COVID-19. If you see something you think others in the sector would be interested in, let us know.

The Glimmers Toolkit - Glimmers has developed a Toolkit for community groups and civil society organisations who want to review the recent past and consider the future.

Uruta.mā - Te Rōpu Whakakaupapa Urutā, the national Māori pandemic group, is made up of some of the nation’s leading Māori medical and health experts. On this website you will find information and resources specifically for Māori about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating through rough seas - This report from JB Were looks at the COVID-19 issues faced by NGOs and community organisations - and the opportunity this crisis offers boards to reframe their role and help their organisations respond.

Engaging our leadership, our humanity, our values - This thoughtful piece from Professor Kristy Muir, CEO of Australia’s Centre for Social Impact considers the implications of this crisis for the Australian social impact sector and raises issues relevant to us here in Aotearoa.

The Pocket Project - This global network on collective trauma is offering free support for anybody who wants to participate in a facilitated group. Trained facilitators provide group guidance, share tools and offer ways to engage in an intelligent network of support.

Belong Aotearoa - Belong Aotearoa has compiled a list of organisations offer support to our communities, to help them stay connected, stay home and stay safe.

NZ Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience - This brief guide to strategies for coping during the COVID-19 crisis draws on both science, and their team’s experience of emergency management and resilience training.

LEAD: Centre for Not for Profit Governance and Leadership - LEAD are offering free and heavily discounted support initiatives for community and not-for-profit leaders to help navigate the pandemic.

Ka Whati Te Tai: a generation disrupted - Ka Whati Te Tai: a generation disrupted is the latest report from Tokona te Raki Māori Futures Collective. Produced in partnership with business and economic research consultancy BERL, the report is focused on the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Māori, and explores the challenges and opportunities we face in the new work order.

“The reality of this pandemic is that the economic impacts will likely be far worse and more lasting than the health impacts. This is hugely significant for Māori given that around half of the Māori workforce are employed in industries which will be directly impacted by the response to COVID-19.”

Charting the Future: A framework for thinking about change - RSM’s Craig Fisher and Steven Moe have looked at the post-COVID-19 challenges facing charitable groups, NGO's, NFP's and other community groups.

“Covid-19 is forcing us to ask some hard questions. Our focus in this paper is on charities, NGOs, NFPs and community sector organisations as it has accelerated conversations for them about sustainability. However, many of these concepts will apply to other organisations as well in this unique moment in time looks at those issues and explores possible solutions.”

Not-for-profit governance hub - The Institute of Directors (IoD) have launched a not-for-profit governance hub. This houses a range of resources, articles and other useful information.

Please Press Pause - The Chief Executives of the Wise Group have sent a paper called Please Press Pause to Government about the importance of taking the time to reflect on some of the sector transformation that has been nimbly achieved over the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have an opportunity right here, right now to hard-wire the changes we have made, and change for good. Come to think of it, that’s a great name so why don’t we start the Change for Good project and really commit to advancing the way we plan, fund, collaborate and deliver services for the good of the people of this wonderful country.”

Tomorrow’s Board Diversity: The Role of Creatives - Arts and not-for-profit leader Anne Rodda, and Parry Field partner Steven Moe collaborated to co-write this White Paper which looks at the potential role creatives can play on boards in a post-Covid future. “While we rightly talk about embracing diversity when it comes to age, ethnicity and gender, what might happen if we also focused on divergent thinking over and above that defined by demographics? We want to consider here what skills creatives might bring to our governance discourse and tables. Would boardroom discussions be enhanced and activated if they had the added perspective of film producers, designers, artists, poets and curators?”