Courageous collaborations for innovative social change

Our vision is to lead New Zealand in turning  investment into social initiatives into inspiring and sustainable social change. 

We support philanthropic, community and government social investment and initiatives for social impact. Services provided by the Centre enable grantmakers, funders and community organisations to better identify priorities for investment and increase their capability to deliver effective programmes.

Grantmakers and funders

The Centre works with grantmakers and funders to inform and support strategic social investment.  Work for clients includes expert reviews of national and international research toinform the development of strategic planning and guide investment, community consultation and engagement, and the development of funding and grantmaking policy and practice.

Community partners

In the community, we help organisations design initiatives for social impact, build their capacity and leadership to achieve their vision, and use evaluation to capture learnings and measure impact.  The information on outcomes helps engage policymakers and other funders, so that successful initiatives can attract sustainable funding, and be replicated for wider community impact.

Our aim is to assist all parties on their social impact journey to ensure the maximum social impact is achieved.

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