Collaborations & Projects

The COVID-19 lockdown in March has ignited our imaginations and opened up our potential. There is a huge appetite to harness what was activated during lockdown. Those are sentiments that came out of the recently released national COVID-19 impact survey of the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector.  

Latest: survey reveals impacts of COVID-19 crisis on the community sector. 

The Centre for Social Impact is drawing on the experience of its network and community to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the philanthropic sector, the long-term implications of this event, and to identify possible social impact responses.

This programme was developed by CSI in collaboration with eleven community trusts. It responds to trustees’ commitment to strengthen the governance capability of the sector. The programme combines workshops with knowledge and practice sessions to enable trustees to share ideas and practices from their governance journeys as they develop their governance skills.

This initiative, under the direction of a community steering group supported by the Centre for Social Impact, supports the development a national strategy for community governance.  The aim of this strategy is to identify what actions can be taken to develop support and lift the capability of those in governance roles in the community, not-for-profit, and non-government sectors.