Community Governance

The Sprinting for Good report was launched on Friday 25 September via a Zoom event. Presented by Programme Manager for the National Strategy for Community Governance, Dr Jo Cribb, and Matua Kevin Haunui who spoke of his experience of the co-design process. The launch outlined the process used to develop the National Action Plan for Community Governance and presented a practical tool for community groups to use for co-design processes.

For community governance, the principle of co-design means that those for whom actions are designed are fully engaged in the design process. This meant community board and committee members were critical participants at every step of the process. 

“The aim of the launch was to share our experience of what we did and how we did it, and our reflections on what worked well and what we could have done differently, so that others may be inspired to try co-design or sprint techniques” says Jo Cribb.

Sprinting for Good aims to support and inspire teams to find innovative ways to work collaboratively to solve complex social good problems.  The report and its templates are available as a toolkit for anyone who would like to explore the potential application of co-design in their community organisation.

This approach reflects CSI’s commitment to building capability in New Zealand’s community sector and the toolkit will be included in an enhanced knowledge hub app; an action created in the sprint process of the National Action Plan.

Click here to view the Sprinting for Good toolkit and a recording of the launch event is below. Alternatively, you can listen to the audio of the event by clicking here.