Sue McCabe is leading the first sprint which will look at engaging the broader governance community in valuing community governance.  She brings to the role her experience as chief executive of Philanthropy New Zealand, and as a co-founder and trustee of not-for-profit the Community Comms Collective, and of social enterprise The Good Registry. 

Sue says the development of a national strategy for NGO and community governance is important, given the vital contributions not-for-profit organisations make to Aotearoa New Zealand’s social, cultural, environmental and economic progress.

“From the small, 100 per cent volunteer operated groups, through to large institutions with multi-million dollar turnovers, our diverse not-for-profit sector does everything from brightening people’s days, to providing important community connections, to delivering essential public services. 

“Governance is a powerful lever to support the wellbeing of the sector and those who work or volunteer for it, and to maximise the difference it makes. I care deeply about the health of the not-for-profit sector, therefore I’m looking forward to what we can achieve towards the goal that ‘community governance is valued’.”

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