We’re pleased to congratulate our shareholder, Foundation North, on the completion of the Maori and Pacific Education Initiatives, MPEI.

This was a pioneering step in grantmaking for philanthropy in New Zealand, a move from traditional reactive provision of financial support to community organisations, to a strategic model designed to address key needs in our communities.

MPEI saw Foundation North seek out ideas through a process of active engagement with Maori and Pacific communities. It saw a partnership approach developed to support the best ideas.  This partnership model  included a commitment to multi-year funding to allow the educators involved in MPEI initiatives to be able to concentrate on delivering on their vision.  It also meant a commitment to walk alongside those organisations for the five years that they were funded, and give them whatever organisational support they needed to deliver on their visions. 

The Centre for Social Impact is an outcome of the Foundation’s move to more innovative and strategic grant-making. Today the Foundation has a dedicated funding stream to support multi-year catalytic change programmes.  It commissions support for these programmes from the Centre for Social Impact.  The Foundation also intended, in the founding of the Centre, to make the expertise it had developed accessible to the wider philanthropic and community sector in New Zealand.

Our involvement in MPEI going forward is to carry out the longitudinal study which will evaluate the long-term social impact of the various initiatives.

We’re proud to be a part of this continuing story, and to be involved today with a number of other philanthropic funders across the motu as they move to develop their own strategic initiatives and invest for social impact.


For more on MPEI, click here for reports and resources