CSI to offer free online workshops to help community organisations’ COVID-19 response and recovery.

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This report looks at Government and Philanthropic funding support through COVID-19 response. 

Five hundred members of community organisations attended the digital launch of a National Action Plan for Community Governance on Wednesday 19 August.  The report identifies six outcomes and fifteen key actions that will strengthen the governance capability of community boards.


A fish is swimming along one day when another fish comes up and says “Hey, how’s the water?” The first fish stares back blankly at the second fish and then says “What’s water?”[1]

There’s nothing like calling in a critical friend to illuminate what is implicit and invisible in the waters that you’re swimming in. That’s what recently happened between Sport New Zealand Ihi Aotearoa and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI). They formed a critical friendship that lifted the veil on what’s needed for transformative and innovative approaches to funding in the play, active recreation and sport space.

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This exciting collaboration between the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) and community organisations is swinging into action.  The first of six workshops to design the strategy was held in Wellington on 11 and 12 March. 


A collaboration to understand how COVID19 has affected the community and voluntary sector

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Our latest blog, from CSI's Rachael Trotman, looks at how evaluation supports social impact journeys.


The panel discussion between Mel Hewitson, Yvonne Powley, Te Aroha Grace, Mai Chen and Caren Rangi on NGO Governance is now available online...