Jade Tang-Taylor - Associate

Jade Tang-Taylor


My professional background is more of a squiggly line than a straight one, and it’s anything but linear. However, I’ve always had a strong passion in ‘Design for Social Change’ as reflected in these various projects.

Fortunate enough to receive an AUT Vice-Chancellor's scholarship, I was able to study a Bachelor of Design (in 2005) and Masters of Arts Management (in 2010) where I focused a lot of reading/research on creative and social entrepreneurship. I’ve immersed myself in work over the past few years and loved every minute of it. Being the Chapter Founder of CreativeMornings/AKL; a global monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types, Co-Founder of Curative; a creative agency that works on projects that help make the world a little bit better and Founding Member of Fail Club; which evolved out of the IDEO +Acumen HCD course.

My personal background is something I’m learning to embrace more of, given the new chapter ahead, and the networks of influence & communities I’ve been lucky to be a member of and connect with over the past few years. Born in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, my family migrated to New Zealand when I was two, and settled in West Auckland. Exposure to these Eastern traditions mixed with Western mentality has made me a proud “Chiwi” - someone of Malaysian/Chinese ethnicity and Kiwi/New Zealand nationality.

I believe that growing up in a low socio-economic environment within a diverse community and various international travel experiences has given me fresh perspective and approach to everything I do and everyone I meet; regardless of age, stage, gender, culture and/or otherwise. I have recently moved back to the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges with my husband (Adam Taylor) our fur-baby (Queenie) and human-baby (#BebeTaylor) to come.