We learn from success and we learn from failure. Over time, that is what delivers results for our communities



Springboard’s ‘youth at risk’ prevention and intervention programmes, include alternative education, youth offender intervention, work-readiness and work transition programmes. The Springboard Model places high risk young people at the centre of a web of supportive family and community members, targeting their entire social eco-system. The success of the Springboard approach has attracted the interest of other communities and Foundation North's Catalyst for Change grant will help Springboard replicate its model in other parts of the Auckland regions.


Whangarei Youth Space

The Northland district has some of the most challenging social, health and economic indicators in the country. Foundation North Catalyst for Change grant to the Whangarei Youth Space will help address the multiple needs of young people in and around Whangarei including establishing a facility that brings together operational programmes of social and recreational activities, youth development, and youth health and support services. Located in the former Whangarei Art Museum in Crafer Park, Youth Space will lead a number of youth initiatives and work collaboratively with organisations, agencies and employers to assist young people into education, training and employment.

Manurewa Marae

Taiohi Whai Oranga is a unique service model targeting long term development and wellbeing outcomes for youth in Manurewa. Manurewa is a community with a large and growing youth population and the community recognises that catalytic change is required to raise the health, development and success of it's young people - particularly Māori youth. Based at Manurewa Marae, Taiohi Whai Oranga will deliver a series of linked interventions and activities, to provide better development and wellbeing outcomes, promote higher personal aspirations, and ultimately deliver sustainable and generational change.


Tuilaepa Mentoring Trust

The Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Service (TYMS) BridgeBACK programmes provide innovative, holistic mentoring and academic support to Pasifika and Māori children and young people to enable them to stay in school or return to school. TYMS also works with teen fathers to help build their academic and life skills. The TYMS values-based model incorporates fa’asamoa, with the children and young people considered the most precious gift that families have. “We always make a solemn promise that we will look after their children as if they were our own” says TYMS Founder Robson Tavita. The Foundation North Catalyst for Change grant will strengthen the capacity of the Tuilaepa Mentoring Trust to deliver their BridgeBACK services to more children and young people in West Auckland and beyond.

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