Our theory of change starts with acknowledging that social issues are complex, and new innovative solutions are required.

Venture philanthropy recognises that finding solutions to complex social issues is a complex task in itself. Collaboration across sectors and organisations is essential and there is a strong focus on ongoing learning and evolution as an outcome of philanthropic investment.

Some assumptions underpin the role of philanthropy in achieving of change. These include:

  • The philanthropic sector is more effective when working with partners – we get greater impact from stronger more collaborative philanthropy
  • The philanthropic sector has a key role to play to support the not-for-profit sector – this requires effective engagement with key partners
  • We work with organisations in ways which are values-based, in which we acknowledge and build on their strengths, which involve mutual learning and where we act as a critical friend

Our practice forms around three questions: what are we doing to bring change; what will change in the short-term; what are the wider benefits and longer term changes we aim to achieve?

Theory of Change.pdf

Theory of Change.pdf