What the organisation is and does

Wellington Community Trust is one of 12 New Zealand Community Trusts, serving Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti Coast and Otaki.  The Trust distributes approximately $1.5 million per annum in grants to the region’s communities.

What the client brief to us was/ community partners’ needs

Wellington Community Trust were looking for an evidence base to support the Trust’s strategic planning process.  They were particularly interested in understanding the communities needs and strengths, in order to identify priorities and inform the Trust’s funding areas.

What our response was

CSI undertook an evidence review which looked at key Census and other population based data, to support WCT’s understanding of the makeup of its communities (age, ethnicity, deprivation), key demographic trends, and strengths/challenges facing communities in the region.

This data was presented to the Trust as a full report, and a set of accessible infographics to support trustee planning.

The progress

The research completed by CSI was used by the trust to support the design and launch of its current strategic plan.  The data in the research was particularly useful in supporting WCT to identify key funding priorities: View key funding Priorities

Outcomes / impacts 

Through this work, CSI supported WCT to:

  • increase its understanding of its communities and priority needs
  • increase its understanding of opportunities to enhance the impact of its grantmaking
  • strengthen its funding strategy to support more impact-focused grantmaking, with a stronger prioritisation of high needs communities