What the organisation is and does

The Vodafone NZ Foundation is one of 27 foundations established by Vodafone around the globe.  The NZ Foundation was established in 2002 and has since invested over $27million into NZ communities. Since 2007 the Foundation has been focused on improving outcomes for young people in Aotearoa, making it the only national philanthropic foundation with an exclusive focus on youth.

For the past 10-years, VNZF has worked to achieve youth outcomes primarily through the World of Difference programme, which funded leaders/change makers over a 12-month period as they worked in key youth organisations. 

What the client brief to us was/ community partners’ needs

Following an evaluation of the World of Difference programme, VNZF were keen to pause and reflect on their  funding focus and approach, in order to ensure the Foundation was positioned to make the most impact possible from its funding and supporting activities. 

VNZF partnered with CSI in order to explore opportunities for increased impact, and to develop a new 10-year strategy that would be fit-for-future and impact focused.

What our response was

Working alongside staff and trustees of VFNZ, CSI co-designed an end-to-end process of strategy design, which included:

  • An evidence review to identify opportunities for effective interventions to support vulnerable young people
  • Youth sector engagement – four consultation hui across New Zealand designed to explore opportunities for VFNZ to make the most impact
  • Strategy and funding framework co-design – exploring priorities for investment and potential new funding mechanisms that would support increased impact
The progress

Work was completed in mid 2017 and the VNZF launched its new 10-year strategy at the PNZ Conference in  May.

The strategy pledges $20million over the next 10-years to transform the lives of 210,000 children and young people who are currently excluded and disadvantaged.

With support from CSI, Vodafone were able to design a strategy that is evidence-informed, impact focused and able to actively leverage the unique values and opportunities of Vodafone, with an increased focused on funding innovation, working flexibly to support collaboration, and enhancing impact through innovative use of technology.

Outcomes / impacts 

Through this work, CSI supported VFNZ to:

  • increase its understanding of the opportunities to effectively invest in outcomes for young people
  • strengthen its existing relationships with key youth sector stakeholders through meaningful consultation
  • develop new mechanisms of funding respond to key sector challenges and support emergent and innovative practices
  • strengthen its principles of practice, including the Foundation’s opportunities to lead and convene
  • strengthen its funding strategy to support more impact-focused and agile grantmaking
  • strategically position its wider offering (technology, networks) to leverage greater impact alongside grantmaking