What the organisation is and does

TSB Community Trust is one of 12 New Zealand Community Trusts, serving communities in the Taranaki region.  Each year the Trust receives a dividend from its assets, including the TSB Bank Ltd, that it can apply towards supporting towards charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational and other purposes beneficial to the community within the Trust's specified area. 

What the client brief to us was

In 2016, TSB CT developed a focus on supporting child and youth wellbeing through its grantmaking.  Having identified this strategic focus, the Trust was looking for support from CSI to develop an investment strategy with the potential to contribute to intergeneration outcomes for children in the early years.

As part of this strategic development, TSB also sought support to refine its funding framework and approaches, in order to increase the Trust’s potential for high impact grantmaking in this new focus area.

What the community partners’ needs were?

TSB CT were particularly interested in developing a long-term partnership with CSI to support Trustees and Staff with their growing interest and engagement with high impact philanthropy. 

As part of this partnership approach, key priorities for the Trust included – identifying intended outcomes and indicators of impact; developing new funding models with the potential to achieve systemic or intergenerational change; and, re-orientating the Trust’s policy framework to support these new ways of working/funding.

What our response was

CSI designed an initial programme of work to design a theory of change to support the Trust’s strategic focus on child and youth wellbeing.  Following on from this, CSI and TSB CT Staff have co-designed an ongoing programme of work that meets the Trust’s emergent needs as they designed this new strategic approach, and have begun to implement it.

The progress

Across 2016 and 2017, our impact partnership with TSB CT has involved a range of key support services that have been designed flexibly in collaboration with Staff and Trustees.  These services have included:

  • the design of a ‘theory of philanthropy’ that clarifies the Trust’s way of working and principles of practice
  • the design of a theory of change that identifies the Trust’s intentions for impact on child and youth wellbeing
  • the design of a new funding framework, including new strategic philanthropy and innovative philanthropy models of grantmaking
  • policy and process design, including tools to support effective grant assessment in line with the Trust’s evolved expectations of impact
  • delivery of a staff leadership and development programme
  • advisory support and engagement with Trustees and Staff as they explore the Trust’s role as an effective Treaty partner

Upcoming work with TSB CT will focus on evaluation and opportunities for the Trust to consider how it will measure and demonstrate impact.

Outcomes / impacts 

Through this work, CSI has supported TSB CT to:

  • strengthen its funding strategy to support more impact-focused grantmaking
  • strengthen its funding policy and processes, supporting Staff to implement strategy more effectively
  • strengthen staff capacity to work in a context of high impact philanthropy
  • position the Trust as an effective Treaty partner
  • identify opportunities to be more responsive and strengthen/build new relationships with local Iwi and other Māori stakeholders(TSB CT have recently developed a new role and recruited a staff member to support this work)