Springboard has been working with the most vulnerable young people in their community and their families since 2002 with the mission of empowering them to build a better future. 


Based at Snells Beach, just out of Warkworth, they run a range of programmes and services, such as alternative education, youth offender interventions, work-readiness and work transition programmes, intensive mentoring and family support services. They are taking a systemic approach, collaborating with youth focused organisations in other communities (Youth Community Development Partners) with a view to seeing accelerated growth and impact in the number of vulnerable young people reached.
As Springboard nears the end of the fourth year of a five-year investment by Foundation North, CSI continues to support plans for ongoing sustainability through the demonstration of the quality and efficiencies of the Springboard model to potential partnering organisations as well as the potential return on investment to investors. 

Springboard is a Foundation North Catalyst for Change community partner.