What the organisation is and does

Otago Community is one of 12 New Zealand Community Trusts, serving the Otago district.  The Trust distributes approximately $6million per annum in grants to the region’s communities.

What the client brief to us was/ community partners’ needs

In 2016, Otago Community Trust sought support to review and strengthen the Trust’s funding framework, having recently revised their strategic plan.  The Trust was particularly concerned with simplifying the funding model, and exploring ways to strengthen their strategic funding programme ‘Funding for Change’ in the area of youth health and wellbeing.

What our response was

Centre for Social Impact undertook a co-design process with the Otago CT Board.  This involved two workshops to design and review a new funding framework.  As part of these workshop, CSI was also able to co-design strengthened funding criteria and funding assessment rubric across to support grant decision-making across the new funding framework.

The progress

The proposed funding framework was completed by CSI at the end of 2016.  This highlighted opportunities for the Trust to further consider strategic opportunities to achieve impact in the youth health, wellbeing & employment space.  The Trust committed to carrying out further (internal) research to take this work forward.

Outcomes / impacts 

Through this work, CSI supported Otago CT to:

  • increase its understanding of opportunities to enhance the impact of its grantmaking
  • strengthen its funding framework to support more targeted grantmaking, with a stronger clarity to support progression of the Trust’s strategic priorities
  • identify opportunities to strengthen funding practice to achieve positive outcomes for youth
  • identify opportunities to provide an increased leadership role in supporting youth sector development in Otago

strengthen its funding processes, supporting Staff to implement strategy more effectively and make decisions based on effective practice